Road Improvements

Paving 2021

Anticipated Road Improvements 

As part of the capital budget process, the Town continues to focus on a multi-year road improvements plan. The second round of the road assessment program is currently underway, the data from which will enable coordination with utility companies for a multi-year resurfacing plan to achieve the most efficient and cost effective paving operations each year.

Road paving lists for 2024 and 2025 will be released in late spring/early summer.

If your road is on the schedule for 2023, now is a good time to think about any projects you are considering which require the road to be opened, such as generator installation or switching from oil to gas, to avoid paying a substantial fee after they’ve been paved. It's important to contact the Engineering Office (908-789-4100, ext. 4600) if you have any questions about timing. 

To stay apprised of paving updates, visit the Paving Updates page of our website, our Facebook/Twitter/Instagram pages (@TownofWestfield), or enroll in email/text alerts

Details about large scale, pre-planned utility work in Town can be found here. Please note that utility work detours not specific to paving are sent out via Nixle by the Police Department. 

  1. 2023

2023 Anticipated Road Improvements - Work Performed by the Town

StreetPCI ScoreLimit of WorkStatus
Salter Place46Entire lengthComplete
St Marks Avenue45Benson to WellsComplete
Marcellus Drive44Entire lengthComplete
Castleman Drive51Entire lengthComplete
Stanley Oval61Entire lengthComplete
John Street42Entire lengthComplete
Fanwood Avenue49Entire lengthComplete
Cleveland Avenue52Entire lengthComplete
Brown Avenue53Entire lengthComplete
Sunnywood Drive54Entire lengthComplete
Everts Avenue59Entire lengthComplete
Kimball Avenue47Mountain to North ChestnutComplete
Maple Street51Entire lengthComplete
Maye Street57Entire lengthComplete
Fairfield Circle43Entire lengthComplete
Washington Street46Summit to CentralComplete
Carleton Road53Washington to GroveComplete
Hancock Street43Entire lengthComplete
Warren Street45Scotch Plains Ave to HyslipComplete
Austin Street53Entire lengthComplete
Clarence Street55Entire lengthComplete
Newton Place54Entire lengthComplete
Lincoln Road53Entire lengthComplete
Webster Place44Entire lengthComplete
Stanley Avenue74Lenox to HillcrestComplete
Highland Ave54E. Dudley to Mountain AveComplete
St. Paul St.50Lenox Ave to E. Broad StComplete
Park Street 50Carleton to CentralComplete
Hyslip Avenue55Warren to DorianComplete
Stoneleigh Park80PortionComplete
Elmer Street**54Entire length
Summit Avenue**44Park Avenue to Clifton
East Broad St***
North Euclid to North Avenue


**Funded by NJ State Transportation & Trust Fund Grant

***Funded and completed by Union County

2023 Anticipated Road Improvements - Work Performed by Utility Companies

StreetPCI ScoreLimit of WorkStatus
Bradson Court 59Entire length Carried to 2024
Cacciola Place41Entire length Carried to 2024
Clark Street 69North to Dudley Complete
Ludlow Place95Entire lengthComplete
Nelson Place95Entire lengthComplete
Ferris Place38Entire lengthComplete
Tuttle Parkway76Entire lengthComplete
Cowperthwaite Place44Prospect to Clark Complete
Charles Street94Entire lengthComplete
Dorian Road46Westfield to RahwayCarried to 2024
Dorian Road 47Rahway to HyslipCarried to 2024
Linden Avenue 56Winyah to SaundersCarried to 2024
Livingston Street 51Entire lengthCarried to 2024
Sedgewick Court 57Entire length 
Stirling Place 53Entire length Carried to 2024
Sussex Street41Entire length 
South Euclid Avenue64Entire lengthComplete
Lenox Avenue60 Elmer and South ChestnutComplete
Stanley Avenue74East Broad to LenoxComplete
Archbold Place76Entire lengthComplete
Arlington Avenue81Entire lengthComplete
St Marks Avenue78St Paul to BensonComplete
Tremont Avenue60St Paul to South ChestnutComplete
Fairmount Avenue45Entire length Complete
Hillcrest Avenue50Entire lengthComplete
Cornwall Drive29Entire length Complete
Fourth Avenue65South Chestnut to North Complete
South Chestnut Street69Town line to LenoxComplete
Warren Street45Lamberts Mill Road to South Scotch Plains AvenueComplete
Osborn Avenue40West Broad to FirstComplete
Temple Place48Entire length Complete
Boulevard56South Avenue to Park Complete
North AvenueState roadEntire lengthComplete
South AvenueState roadEntire length Complete
Lawrence Avenue75Roanoke to WalnutComplete
Breeze Knoll Drive56Entire length Complete
Pierson Street94Entire length Complete
Hyslip Avenue 55West Broad to EdgarComplete
Edgar Road75Entire lengthComplete
Codding Road64Lynwood to RahwayComplete
Dorian Road67Scotch Plains Avenue to Hyslip
Hazel Avenue49First to DorianComplete
Westfield Avenue71South to DorianComplete
Summit Avenue44South Avenue to ParkComplete
Carleton Road44Ross to ParkComplete
Ross Place41Entire lengthComplete
Park Street50Westfield Avenue to CarletonComplete
Coolidge Street42Entire length