Who is entitled to a slice?

Everyone. Westfield Mental Health Council offers resources and support so that everyone can learn how to offer and obtain Compassion, Acceptance, Kindness, and Empathy. Reminders around town will pop up with a CAKE design on a pallet, banner, window clings, or really tiny pieces of cake!  

Please email examples of CAKE actions you have noticed. We also seek suggestions of where CAKE might be missing or needed. This is the beginning of a running conversation about people from Westfield making this town a more stigma-free and CAKE-filled community.

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1. What Is Compassion, Acceptance, Kindness & Empathy (CAKE)?
2. What is it? Why are we talking about it and not just eating it?
3. How is it offered or received?
4. What about when Compassion, Acceptance, Kindness, Empathy feels out of reach?
5. Who is entitled to a slice?
6. Where can I find related articles?