Who can adopt a drain?

You must be an adult to adopt a drain and sign the liability waiver. However, young people 14 years of age or older may work on clean-up with parental consent.

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1. How often do I need to rake, sweep, clean my storm drain?
2. What special equipment / materials do I need?
3. What do I do with the debris I’ve collected?
4. Is this a safe activity that I can do with my children or a scout troop?
5. Who can adopt a drain?
6. My time commitments have changed, can I unadopt my drain?
7. What is entailed in estimating the amount of debris I collect? Do I need to use a scale?
8. What happens if there are materials by or in my drain that I don’t feel comfortable/able to remove?
9. How can I promote my efforts to my neighbors and the community?
10. Still have a question?