What do I do with the debris I’ve collected?

Some sorting is involved. Cans, bottles, appropriate plastic should be cleaned and recycled. Compostable material like leaves and gumballs can be composted. Other debris like animal waste, plastics or other debris should go in the garbage.

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1. How often do I need to rake, sweep, clean my storm drain?
2. What special equipment / materials do I need?
3. What do I do with the debris I’ve collected?
4. Is this a safe activity that I can do with my children or a scout troop?
5. Who can adopt a drain?
6. My time commitments have changed, can I unadopt my drain?
7. What is entailed in estimating the amount of debris I collect? Do I need to use a scale?
8. What happens if there are materials by or in my drain that I don’t feel comfortable/able to remove?
9. How can I promote my efforts to my neighbors and the community?
10. Still have a question?