Handicapped Parking

There are a total of 39 handicapped parking spaces in the Westfield Municipal Parking Lots. Handicapped Parking Sign

You must have a visible, valid handicap placard or plates in order to park in a handicapped space. If a handicapped space is not available, you may park at any street meter or lot (excluding permit-required lots). Per NJ Law, when parking at a metered space, a driver with a placard or handicapped license plate must put the appropriate amount of money in the meter. If the vehicle will occupy the space for more than the maximum amount that the meter holds, the driver must fill the meter to the maximum amount.  For example: If a handicap placard or plate holder parks at a 2 hour street meter, they are required to pay for as much time as they may need just like any other patron.  If the holder should need more than the 2 hours the meter allows, they would need to “max out” the meter to its full 2 hours.  This would allow them to stay in that spot without making another payment for the remainder of the day. (If it is a 4 hour, 8 hour or 12 hour space the same rule applies as to "maxing out" the full time limit of 4, 8 or 12).

State of New Jersey Guide to Handicapped Parking