Unified Land Use and Circulation Plan

The Unified Land Use and Circulation (ULUC) Plan was adopted by the Planning Board on June 7, 2021, and is the first of its kind for Westfield, building upon the 2019 Reexamination Plan as well as the 2019 Bike & Pedestrian Master Plan. Additionally, this plan was developed through extensive public outreach and consultation with the Town’s various boards and subcommittees. 

The intention of creating a Unified Land Use and Circulation element for the Town is to take a holistic approach to planning that elevates the focus from singular parcels and intersections to a system of relationships between the use of land and space and the ability to create places and neighborhoods that are enjoyable and enhance the human experience. Changing the way in which we discuss land use and transportation issues – together instead of separately – ensures holistic planning and creates a mechanism to use data and processes for determining future growth strategies. Creating a Unified Land Use and Circulation (ULUC) Plan enables a process where land use and transportation professionals are encouraged to work collaboratively to identify a single set of goals, objectives, and actions that will capitalize upon Westfield’s transit-friendly location and future redevelopment projects.