Certificate of Appropriateness

These application forms are to be used by the owners of homes and other structures that have been locally designated as historic.  The “Application for Certificate of Appropriateness, Long Form” is the “default” form to be used in all instances in which (1) “major” work is being proposed; (2) minor work is being proposed and a review is required of that proposed work by the full Historic Preservation Commission; or (3) you are uncertain as to whether the work proposed is properly characterized as minor or major work.  The “Short Form Application for Certificate of Appropriateness, Minor Work/Expedited Review” is a new form that allows for expedited review of proposed work that is of such an insignificant nature that it will have negligible impact on the historic nature of the structure.  An example of work that may qualify for such review includes the replacement of exterior elements made of material that looks similar but may be different from that which is being replaced.