Camera Registration

Photo of Surveillance CameraThe Westfield Police Department has created a voluntary registry of business and homeowner surveillance cameras systems, in an attempt to capture criminal activity.

The program maps out the locations of cameras so officers can review recordings of criminal activity quicker. The directory does NOT allow officers to tap into private cameras, and would only indicate where the cameras are located. By registering your camera with us, we can quickly identify nearby cameras that may have captured criminal activity. After registering your camera, you would only be contacted by the us if there was a law enforcement related need in the vicinity of your security camera. If necessary, police personnel may request to view and or download your camera footage in order to assist in the investigation. The directory will be confidential and only accessible to law enforcement.

Many business owners and residents currently operate surveillance systems at their businesses and/or homes. As crimes occur nearby, they are not always aware that their system may have captured information that could help solve the crime, thus keeping our community safer. In turn, the police are also not always aware who may or may not have this potentially vital information. We are asking residents and businesses across town to register their privately owned surveillance camera systems.

Using the geographic locations of the registered cameras, we will be able to directly e-mail or call citizens in an area in which a crime occurred. A standard e-mail may ask the citizen to check their video surveillance system for a specific date and time for video capturing a suspect, getaway car or a crime. If the citizen finds any video evidence, they can contact the investigating officer to arrange for video retrieval. Installing video surveillance is a great example of community-police partnerships and is something we highly value as a police agency serving our community.

Click here to register your camera!