Traffic Safety Bureau

Traffic Wheel

The mission of the Traffic Safety Bureau is to promote traffic safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists within the Town of Westfield.  

It's responsibilities include: 

  • Investigation all serious and fatal motor vehicle crashes, as well as all reported “leaving the scene” motor vehicle crashes unable to be completed and/or resolved by patrol units;
  • Review all Police Crash Investigation Reports (NJTR-1) for accuracy and completeness;
  • Manage the department’s fleet of vehicles including scheduling routine maintenance and unexpected repairs;
  • Budget for the purchase of new police vehicles and accessory emergency equipment annually and ensure that all new police vehicles are properly outfitted prior to being placed into service;
  • Maintain and ensure the proper repair of traffic signals, signs, and other traffic control devices within the Town;
  • Promote an awareness of and provide public education on matters relating to traffic, bicycle and pedestrian safety;
  • Handle all insurance claims related to damaged police vehicles;
  • Coordinate street closings, devise detours and address traffic direction and control concerns resulting from road construction projects and other special events;
  • Deploy traffic counters and speed measuring devices in order to make recommendations to the Chief of Police for directed police patrols and selective enforcement assignments;
  • Install and maintain radar units and ensures the certification of tuning forks and police vehicle speedometer readings;
  • Conduct selective enforcement details on those roadways where serious and/or persistent traffic violations are reported;
  • Conduct follow-up investigations of reported abandoned motor vehicles on public roadways and other traffic hazards and obstructions and take appropriate actions to address them;
  • Identify potential problem areas with roadway equipment or engineering designs and making or recommending necessary improvements;
  • Management of the Crossing Guard Program and coordination with the Town’s contractor (ACMS) to facilitate the program;
  • Investigate, address and resolve line-of-sight complaints.
  1. Thomas Ostrander


  1. Joseph Natale