Records & Information Technology Bureau

The Records & Information Technology Bureau is primarily responsible for records management – more specifically, for processing, securely storing, retrieving, distributing and disposing of all police reports.  It also collects revenues from firearms applications, fingerprinting, bicycle licensing and for copies of police reports.  

Some of the most notable duties and responsibilities of this bureau include the following:

  • Receives all computers and their related peripheral devices (e.g., printers, scanners, etc.) purchased by the department, implements their assembly, installs necessary software and enables access to required computer systems;
  • Maintains and repairs all computers and their related peripheral devices;
  • Performs the eradication of detected computer viruses and restores affected data;
  • Maintains the department’s database servers and is responsible for the security and integrity of those networks from intrusion, disruption and destruction of sensitive data;
  • Maintains the department’s computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system, mobile data computers, mobile digital video recording systems, E-Ticket, and all other computers and their related peripheral devices;
  • Serves as the department’s Terminal Agency Coordinator (or “TAC” Officer) and is responsible for the maintenance of all criminal justice information computer systems;
  • Collects and compiles crime data and files the Uniform Crime Report (UCR);
  • Provides access to police reports pursuant to the provisions set forth by the Open Public Records Act (OPRA);
  • Budgets for the acquisition of new information technology (IT) equipment, as well as for annual support contracts on existing IT equipment, to ensure its proper maintenance and performance;
  • Provides technical assistance and support to all divisions and bureaus and facilitates the use of computers and other forms of information technology by ployees in carrying out their duties and responsibilities.
  1. Michael Walsh


  1. Dominick Sandelli

    Emergency Communications Systems & Technological Services Supervisor

  1. Andrea Reider

    Records Clerk