Retail Advisory Board


The Retail Advisory Board serves in an advisory capacity to leverage the talent and experience of Westfield residents who can provide a collectively valuable resource to the Town's retailers. This volunteer group serves as consultants for all existing and new retailers in Westfield (not just Downtown). The Board's goal is to help the retailers tackle specific business challenges in an effort to attract customers, run more efficiently, and enhance the Westfield experience.


  • Meets quarterly

Member Information

  • 1-year term
  • Appointed by Mayor


  • Jeff Greenhouse
  • Darren Mass
  • Stephanie Mahon
  • Megan Pisane
  • Keysha Bradford
  • Lew Kimble
  • Vanessa Ordway
  • Deborah Valencia
  • Will Goldberger
  • Anthony Tessitore
  • Nick Dimichino
  • David Zukof
  • Tina Torres
  • Seth Arluke