2020 Road Improvements

Work Performed by Utility Companies

StreetWardLimit of WorkStatus
Birch Avenue1Entire LengthN/A
Cedar Terrace1Entire LengthN/A
Colonial Avenue1Entire LengthN/A
Hiawatha Drive1Entire LengthN/A
Highland Avenue1Hillside Avenue to Sinclair PlaceN/A
Hillside Avenue1Entire LengthN/A
Lawrence Avenue1Roanoke Road to Town LineN/A
Mountain View Circle1Entire LengthN/A
Orenda Circle1Entire LengthN/A
Quantuck Lane1Entire LengthN/A
Orenda Circle1Entire LengthEntire Length
Roanoke Road1Entire LengthN/A
Sinclair Place1Lawrence Avenue to Highland AvenueN/A
Standish Avenue1Mountainview Terrace to Colonial AvenueN/A
Woods End Road1Entire LengthN/A
Fairacres Avenue2Entire LengthCompleted
Fourth Avenue2Benson to Garwood BorderN/A
Settlers Lane2Entire LengthCompleted
Sherman Street2Union Street to Cranford AvenueN/A
Union Street2Entire LengthN/A

Cherokee Court3Entire LengthCompleted
Columbus Avenue3Elizabeth Avenue to Dead EndN/A
Dunham Avenue3Entire LengthCompleted
Grandview Avenue3East Grove Street to Dead EndN/A
Irving Avenue3Elizabeth Avenue to Dead EndN/A
Pine Street3Ripley Avenue to Columbus AvenueN/A
Ripley Avenue3Elizabeth Avenue to Dead EndN/A
Sycamore Street3Columbus Avenue to Town LineN/A
Tice Place3Clifton to GroveCompleted
Cumberland Street4Entire LengthN/A
Downer Street4Entire LengthN/A
Drake Place4Entire LengthN/A
Hazel Avenue4West Broad to FirstCompleted
Hort Street4Entire LengthN/A
Osborn Avenue4West Broad to DownerCompleted
Palsted Avenue4Entire LengthN/A
Rahway Avenue4West Broad to WattersonCompleted
Roosevelt Street4Entire LengthN/A
Rutgers Court4Entire LengthCompleted

Work Performed by Utility Union County

StreetWardLimit of WorkStatus
Lawrence Avenue Culvert ReplacementN/ARoute 22 to Barchester WayN/A
Mountain AvenueN/AEast Broad Street to Mountainside BorderCompleted
West Broad StreetN/ASouth Avenue to Lamberts Mill RoadN/A

Work Performed by Town

StreetWardLimit of WorkStatus
North Chestnut Street
N/AEntire Length
Park Drive
N/AEntire Length
Scotch Plains Avenue
N/ASouth Avenue to Dorian Road