Road Improvements

Paving 2021

2021-2024 Anticipated Road Improvements

As part of the 2021 capital budget introduced at the March 23, 2021 Town Council meeting, the Town has issued a proposed multi-year road improvements plan. The road assessment program, completed in 2019, enables coordination with utility companies for a multi-year resurfacing plan to achieve the most efficient and cost effective paving operations each year.

Please refer to the tables below for all 2021-2024 road improvements planned to date for the Town of Westfield. 

  1. 2021
  2. 2022
  3. 2023
  4. 2024

2021 Anticipated Road Improvements - Work Performed by the Town

StreetPCI ScoreLimit of WorkStatus
Hampton Court25Entire lengthComplete
Karen Terrace44Entire lengthComplete
Wychview Drive44Entire lengthComplete
Carol Drive45Entire lengthComplete
Davis Court46Entire lengthComplete
Unami Terrace26Entire lengthComplete
Manitou Circle35Entire lengthComplete
Marlin Court44Entire lengthComplete
Mohican Drive37Entire lengthComplete
Boynton Avenue*37Myrtle to Dead End (Elizabeth)Complete
Elizabeth Avenue*40Central to BoyntonComplete
Pine/Boynton*47Ripley to Dead EndComplete
Cedar Street31Entire lengthComplete
Hardwick Avenue34Entire lengthComplete
Cambridge Road59Entire lengthComplete
Grandview Avenue54Twin Oaks to Roger Complete
Eton Place52Entire lengthComplete
Avon Road53Entire lengthComplete
Welch Way47Entire lengthComplete
Ferris Place38Entire lengthComplete
Ludlow Place43Entire lengthComplete
Cowperthwaite Place44Clark to ProspectComplete
Clark Street47Ludlow to NorthComplete
Prospect Street49Dudley to FerrisComplete
Nelson Place54Entire lengthComplete
Radley Road33Entire lengthComplete
Radley Court36Entire lengthComplete
Lambert Court40Entire lengthComplete
Pine Court43Entire lengthComplete
Kirkview Circle46Entire lengthComplete
Bayberry Lane52Entire lengthComplete
Standish Avenue*45Colonial to Alden Complete
Highland Avenue*49Sinclair to Dudley Complete
Bradford Avenue*55Colonial to Mountain Complete
Alden Avenue*43Entire lengthComplete
Dudley Court*63Entire lengthComplete
Tice Place*57Clifton to Montauk w/drainageComplete
Rahway Avenue**43Summit Court to Town Line w/drainageComplete
Prospect Street***Brightwood to Newton: 67
Newton to Dudley: 43
Brightwood Avenue to Dudley Avenue
Willow Grove Road ****56Entire length

* Roads included to finish off the grid in conjunction with Elizabethtown Gas Company Main Replacement Project
** Roads included to complete improvements of County signal installation

*** Project funded by NJ State Transportation & Trust Fund Grant

****Project funded by NJ State Transportation & Trust Fund Grand and Union County Infrastructure Grant

2021 Anticipated Road Improvements - Work Performed by Utility Companies

StreetPCI ScoreLimit of WorkStatus
Standish Avenue45Mountainview Terrace to ColonialComplete
Cedar Terrace57Entire lengthComplete
Hillside Avenue45Entire length
Mountain View Circle40Entire lengthComplete
Bradford Avenue55Cedar to ColonialComplete
Highland Avenue49Hillside to SinclairComplete
Birch Avenue57Entire lengthComplete
Colonial Avenue63Entire lengthComplete
Sinclair Place79Entire lengthComplete
Dudley Avenue58Entire length
Orenda Circle54Entire lengthComplete
Roanoke Road43Entire lengthComplete
Quantuck Lane51Entire length w/drainageComplete
Hiawatha Drive33Entire length w/drainageComplete
Lawrence Avenue75Roanoke to Town LineComplete
Woods End Road76Entire lengthComplete
Oak Avenue75Entire length
Belvidere Avenue48Entire length
Terrace Place48Entire length
Sherwood Parkway46Entire length
Crescent Parkway35Entire length
Kimball Turn53Entire length
Putnam Avenue62Entire length
Topping Hill Road68Kimball Turn to Kimball 
Kimball Avenue49North Chestnut to Kimball Turn 
Winyah Avenue65Linden to Canterbury Lane
Baker Avenue59Oak to Winyah 
Linden Avenue56Oak to Winyah 
Linden Avenue56Saunders to East Broad  
Jefferson Avenue94Dead End to Saunders
Canterbury Road55Entire length
Canterbury Lane51Entire length
Stoneleigh Park80Entire length
Westfield Avenue56Dorian Road to Washington
Shackamaxon Drive60Rahway to Westfield
Washington Street46Rahway to Summit
Everson Place70Entire length
Beechwood Place73Entire length
Columbus Avenue50Elizabeth to Dead End
Grandview Avenue66East Grove to Dead End  
Irving Avenue39Elizabeth to Dead End
Ripley Avenue63Elizabeth to Dead End
Pine Street53Ripley to Columbus 
Sycamore Street73Columbus to Town Line 
Elizabeth Street42Boynton to Columbus
Palsted Avenue39Entire length  
Cumberland Street51Entire length  
Downer Street62Entire length  
Drake Place53Entire length  
Hort Street 5151Entire length  
Roosevelt Street52Entire length