Emergency Information

If you or someone you know is having a mental health emergency and needs 24/7 help and for immediate, in-person assistance call 911. If you think you might need in-person assistance but want to consult with a mental health professional to be sure call the following:

  • Overlook 973-831-5078
  • Rahway 732-381-4949
  • Trinitas 908-994-7131

If you do not need in-person assistance but need to speak with a crisis specialist:

  • The Lifeline: 988

More information

  • 911 - Police officer(s) will quickly respond to your call in a mental health emergency and ensure safety for all. They may make a decision to bring someone to a hospital in an ambulance or may call a mental health mobile response unit to assist. It may also be determined that a situation is safe and no hospitalization is needed.
  • Psychiatric Emergency Screeners at Trinitas, Overlook, or Rahway - You will have an opportunity to speak with a mental health care provider. They will quickly assess your situation over the phone and determine the proper course of action. This may involve immediate police response, mental health mobile crisis response, a recommendation for you to come to the screening center in person, or no physical response at that time.
  • The Lifeline - You will be connected to a highly trained crisis hotline listener. The listener will give you an opportunity to tell your story and will provide empathy and non-judgmental support. Listeners on the lifeline are trained to intervene in cases of suicide and will use the least invasive intervention possible to keep suicidal callers safe. Rarely, but if necessary they may determine that police or mobile response is needed and will collaborate with you to call the proper resources to ensure safety.