Westfield Police Department (WPD) Services

WPD to Assist Seniors

Westfield Police Chief Christopher Battiloro has initiated a department-wide directive to assist senior citizens by providing the delivery of any essential goods and services by an available Police Officer, in order to help prevent unnecessary risk of public exposure to COVID-19.

Examples include the following:

  • Picking up a needed prescription a local pharmacy or drug store and delivering it to the senior citizen's place of residence
  • Performing any other general errand, task or detail which shall be necessary to provide for the senior citizen's general safety and welfare, so he or she does not have to leave his or her place of residence
  • To inquire about utilizing this assistance, please email Senior Services, or call 908-301-1287.

WPD Encourages Police Reports by Phone

In an effort to reduce the risk of public exposure to and infection from COVID-19, the Westfield Police Department will accommodate requests to complete certain police investigation reports via telephone, when possible. Those not requiring accompanying statements, photographs, signatures, and/or an examination of the scene or a search for evidence should contact the Police Department at 908-789-4000, and the Watch Commander will make a determination regarding phone eligibility.