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False alarms cost the Town of Westfield and its citizens thousands of dollars per year.

Sec 15-1 (c). The police and fire departments have experienced numerous false alarms which are a drain on manpower and a danger to those responding.

Sec 15-1 (e). The public interest therefore, requires the enactment of standards, procedures and regulations for various types of burglar, fire and other private emergency alarm systems and devices in the town.


The ordinance requires businesses and residential alarm users to register their systems with the town.

Town Ordinance Chapter 15

Sec 15-10            Permit Required

No person shall install, maintain, use, or cause or permit to be used any private alarm system within the town unless a permit therefore has been issued by the chief of police or fire chief of the town in accordance with the provisions of this chapter. No person shall use a private alarm system during any period when the permit therefor has expired or is suspended.

Permits for all other systems shall be obtained from the police chief or his representative.

Sec 15-11 (f)     Application for Permit

The name, address and telephone of a person who must be a resident of Westfield or nearby community that can be notified of an emergency occurring on the property served by the system.  Such person must have a key to the premises on which the alarm is located.

No international notifications will be made.


Sec 15-12

  • At the time an application is submitted and by January 15th of each year thereafter as long as the permit (application) is in force, the permittee shall pay to the Town of Westfield an annual fee in the amount of $25.00.
  • No proration delinquent fees.
  • Any permits issued between January 1st and October 15th shall require the same fees, no portion of which shall be prorated, but said fees shall be refunded to the applicant in the event a permit is not issued.  Any permit issued between October 15th and December 31st shall be valid until December 31st of the following year.
  • There will be no transferring of fees from residence to residence.

Town Ordinance Chapter 2

Sec 2-2-3.    Fee charged for unpaid checks

In addition to any other penalties which may be imposed by law, there shall be a charge of up to $50.00 made by the Town of Westfield to any person issuing a check which is payable to the Town of Westfield or any of its agencies or subdivisions for any purpose in any amount which is returned by the bank with a refusal to pay same.

False Alarms

Examples of, but not limited to:

False alarm includes:

  • Negligently or accidentally activated signals.
  • Signals resulting from mechanical or electronic failure, malfunction, improper installation, adjustment or maintenance.
  • Signals that are purposely activated in non-emergency situations.

Common negligent acts include:

  • Open, unlocked or loose windows and doors.
  • Weak batteries.
  • Wandering pets


Sec 15-4. Definitions

Audible alarm shall mean any devices installed to services an improved property and designed to sound an alarms by bell, horn, siren or other noise making instrument located upon the property where the devices is installed and audible beyond the limits of the property in the event of fire, smoke or similar hazards, unauthorized entry, the commission of an unlawful act or a similar emergency.

False alarm shall mean the activation of an alarm system or warning devices by causes other than those to which the alarm system or warning devices was designed or intended to respond, or the testing of alarms required by law or practice without prior notice to the police department.


Sec 15-16 (c)     Suspension of Permit

It shall be a violation of this chapter for any person to intentionally activate an alarm: 

  • For the purpose of testing the system without prior notice to the police department;
  • For the purpose of measuring or testing police or fire response; or
  • For any other purpose other than the existence of an emergency for which the alarm system or warning device was intended to respond.

In addition, the occurrence of three or more false alarms in any one calendar year shall subject the permittee to the penalty of fine imposed by section 15-22 hereof.

Sec 15-22     Penalties

Failure to register your alarm, as per your town ordinance will result in a summons being issued by the Westfield Municipal Court.  If your alarm activates and you are not registered after you have been given notice, you will be subject to a penalty of up to but, not exceeding $200.00