Westfield Historical Society Publications

The Society has been responsible for a variety of publications related to the history of Westfield. They include books, historical maps, aerial sketches, and a series of postcards of old Westfield. These publications may be purchased at various places around town or from the Historical Society.

  • Westfield in the Golden Age of Post Cards, a 128 page book containing the best images from several extensive collections of antique post cards spanning the first three decades of the 20th century. Through his accurate and informative captions, Author Stanley H. Lipson provides a fascinating glimpse of a bygone era.
  • Guide to the Colonial Cemetery of the Presbyterian Church in Westfield, New Jersey, by Herbert A. Halsey, 1987. (A must for genealogical researchers)
  • Colonial Westfield, Past and Present, a booklet on the history of Westfield from 1720 to 1964.
  • "Westfield, New Jersey, circa 1872", a print of a 1987 painting by Julian Rockmore.
  • Westfield Bicentennial Poster-1994.
  • Westfield Bicentennial Coasters, a set of four china coasters depicting landmark scenes.
  • The Olde Town, 1740-1800, a map showing locations and original owners of Westfield's 18th century houses.
  • Aerial Sketch of Westfield circa 1882, drawn by T.M. Fowler.
  • Aerial Sketch of Westfield, NJ in 1903, drawn by T.J. Hughes
  • Aerial Sketch of Westfield, NJ in 1929, drawn by Hughes and Cinquin
  • Map of Westfield circa 1906, by Jacob Bauer, Union County Engineer
  • Set of six postcards-photographs of old Westfield
  • Westfield Bicentennial Coloring Book

(This information has been compiled and edited by John R. Panosh from original documents supplied by Ralph H. Jones, Curator, Westfield Historical Society Museum and Archives.)