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Creature Double Feature III:
The Creature - The Blob

Westminster Hall, Presbyterian Church, 140 Mountain Avenue, Westfield, NJ 07090

Just in time for spooky Halloween fun...back to back, two monsters that creep and grab, The Creature and The Blob...FOR KIDS!

The Creature

Do you think twice about swimming in that dark, murky water? You can't see what's underneath you, especially if you are swimming when it is dark outside. And what about the environment? Do you care one iota about how you may affect nature around you? Well, a boatload of models on a fashion shoot and scientists on a simple expedition find out when they meet something in the tropics they were not ready for. Who will survive the attack of the Creature?

The Blob

Would you be curious about a strange substance you find in the forest? What if your curiosity got the best of you and you touched that strange substance you found in the forest and once it gets on your skin it slowly burns...and then stings and it feels as if the substance is EATING you! But the Blob doesn't think, so you can't talk to it. It doesn't have a face so you can't look it in the eye...it has multiple faces!!!
Who can avoid the attack of the Blob?


1:30 & 7:30

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