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A Message from Sound Station



We would like to reach out and thank all of you who gave so much and so enthusiastically – to support and save a small, local business in peril.


Words can not describe the initial pain and hopelessness, nor the feeling of love, support and in the end – hope – we have experienced in the last few months. While we watched the building burn down our thoughts were, “Where do we go from here, and what do we do now?”


Friends of the store that we refer to as “the Sound Station Army” and whom we consider family, got together immediately to come up with a plan to sponsor various fundraising events, including this donation web site.


Over $5,00 was raised in less than 7 hours !!! In total, the Sound Station Army has raised close to $30,000.00 to help resurrect what they considered to be “Not just another record store, but a local musical institution” from the ashes. However, none of this would have been possible without your support.


Now, thankfully because of your loving assistance, Sound Station will undergo a rebirth, and reopen its doors fresh and anew, along with our promise to continue to provide an oasis of music while supporting local musicians.


At this time we are proud to tell you a search for a new location is underway, and we hope to have our doors open to you very soon. We want Sound Station to stay in the immediate area that it has stood for over 23 years.


One door closes – another door opens. After all, music brought us all together and made us a community. Anything this fun and this rewarding needs to swing and rock on!